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About PEP-RJ

What is PEP-RJ?

Program and Engagement Professionals of Reform Judaism is an affiliate of the Union for Reform Judaism that was officially formed in 2001 and exists to strengthen congregations by supporting the professional development of our members. PEP-RJ is comprised of congregational staff members whose main responsibilities center on programming, membership, communications, engagement, etc.

PEP-RJ's Mission:

  • to provide a professional association within the Union of Reform Judaism framework to those whose primary professional focuses include engagement, programming, membership and communications services

  • to maintain a networking and support structure for these professionals

  • to create opportunities for educational and professional development

  • to serve as a resource to institutions for programming needs and development on regional and national levels.

Who are the members of PEP-RJ?

  • PEP-RJ’s members are often the eyes, ears, voice, and hands of the congregation. These professionals manage engagement in varying forms, including programming, membership, communications, marketing and so much more.

  • Our members are focused on connecting congregants and unaffiliated to the meaningful and valuable opportunities within their congregational communities. They rely on networking and inspiration from their colleagues in PEP-RJ and are linked to the resources within the scope of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ).

  • Our members are dedicated professionals aimed at creating spaces filled with “audacious hospitality” and building communities filled with positive relationships. PEP-RJ is proud to support such mensches as we continue to grow stronger for the future of Reform Judaism.

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